Facility Booking App™ software is loaded with features to easily manage your facility bookings.


  • Users browse & book facility time slots
  • Time Slots (static & flexible)
  • Packages (for credit bookings)
  • Bulk Email & SMS (marketing)
  • Asset Library (video, images, audio, docs, pdf, csv)
  • Invite & Booking Lists
  • Invite & Booking Lists
  • Booking & Revenue Reporting
  • Customer Management
  • Manage Locations
  • Auto-Bookings (customers)
  • Embed code generator
  • Set Discounts for MVP users

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Facility FEATUREs

1. Time Slot Bookings

create, Share & Book Time Slot Events at your facility.

  • Set Specific & Flexible Time Slots
  • 1-click Bookings & Invitations
  • Individual or Group Bookings
  • Unlimited Event types
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Unlimited Bookings

2. Videos & Documents

Include VIDEO, IMAGE, AUDIO, PDF, CSV & DOC FILEs to bookings

  • Instructional videos
  • Promotion videos
  • Attach files for download
  • Tag uploads for quick search

3. Time Slot Packages

Create packages with credits to book

  • Sell Packages with Credits For Bookings
  • Set Automatic Renewals & Expirations
  • Set The Items Types Per Package
  • Set Max Credits Per Item Type

4. Analytics & Reporting

Analyze Overall booking and revenue performance using. view booking history and revenue per user.

Other Pro FEATUREs

Notifications & Alerts

SMS text & email. New booking and upcoming slot alerts. Customize the alert time and make sure you and your customers are on-time.

  • New booking notifications
  • Upcoming booking alerts
  • Create & manage lists


Share your slots with email and SMS text message tools directly from the app, or copy and paste links to your slots onto social media posts or anywhere else you want to share your slots.

  • SMS individual & groups
  • Email individual & groups
  • One-click sends

Public & Private Slots

Keep your availability exclusive. Set event types or slots as "private" to only share directly with specific users.

  • Share with select customers
  • Direct link access
  • Keep slots & offers private


Users add auto-bookings to immediately book slots when made available by the facility.

  • Auto booked based on event type, day of the week and time range match.
  • Manage auto-bookings


Accept credit card, cash or track offline with easy-to-use payment options.

  • Online Credit Card
  • Stripe direct connect
  • No additional fees

Invite Lists

Create custom lists of previously booked users. Next, easily share or book an entire list with one click. 

  • Invite via url
  • Invite via email
  • Invite via sms text

WEb Embed

Embed your time slots directly into your website. Advertise your available time slots on any website with our "embed slots" feature.

  • Create a custom results code
  • Embed event types
  • Paste code into your site

Customer Management

Manage & market to your customer users. View slot history, total revenue, payment status & days since previous booking.

  • Booking history
  • Payment status
  • Add to lists

Manage Locations

Manage a list of multiple locations, making it easy to pick a location when creating new time slots to your calendar. Enter the location name & address, save, done!

  • Add locations
  • Select from list
  • Save default location

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